Earlier this week, YouTube launched a new program for gaming creators known as sponsorships. Those familiar with subscriptions on Twitch TV will feel right at home with this new feature, now available for your YouTube channel. In similar fashion, fans can now sponsor a channel for $4.99 per month (with varying rates for those outside of the US), and 70% of the revenue will go directly to the channel creator, up from the usual 50% seen on Twitch.

While sponsorships on YouTube has a strong focus for streaming on YouTube Gaming, this is technically accessible to all creators. By sponsoring a channel you get access to a set of custom emoji that the channel creator has made, and these emoji can be used site wide – in YouTube Gaming Live chats, or also in YouTube comments. Other perks involve partaking in sponsor-only enabled chat, and additional digital goods that may be enabled on certain channels by YouTube.

While any YouTube channel can utilize YouTube Sponsorships, fans can only sponsor a channel from the YouTube Gaming interface. You can visit every channel from YouTube Gaming, regardless if you specialize in gaming content or not. If you do not livestream any content, you could still direct fans to a link to your YouTube Gaming page, and instruct users to sponsor you from there.

The sponsor button is located on the right side of the page, under your channel banner.

In order to help prepare you for YouTube Sponsorships, we have compiled a FAQ here for you to help learn the service:

Q: What channels are eligible for YouTube Sponsorships?
A: Essentially, your YouTube channel is in good standing and has at least 1,000 subscribers, you are eligible. Other legal guidelines may be in place for receiving payment.

Q: Where can I enable YouTube Sponsorships?
A: Visit your Creator Studio, and click on the Channel section. You can enable it with other features on the Status and features page.

Q: How much does sponsoring a channel cost?
A: The cost for fans is $4.99 USD per month. The cost varies for fans outside of the US, with details on this here.

Q: How much of the sponsorship revenue goes to the YouTube creator?
A: YouTube takes a 30% cut of all sponsorship revenue, while the remaining 70% goes to the channel creator. Partnered networks may take an additional cut, though Screenwave Media does not and passes the entire 70% to the owner. Please check with your MCN for details on this.

Q: How many custom emoji can I add to my channel?
A: You can add your first custom emoji once you have 2 sponsors. After this, you are allowed to upload more emoji as you grow in sponsors. There is a sliding scale of how many custom emoji you can have, all the way from one, to over 50. You can see the requirements for number of sponsors vs number of emoji here.

Q: Can I have the YouTube Sponsor link show on my YouTube channel, and not just my YouTube Gaming page?
A: This is a current feature in closed beta testing by invite only from YouTube. It is not announced if this feature will be open to the public at any time, though is currently being tested by YouTube. If you are interested in signing up for this beta, YouTube has a form here.

Q: What chat features are there for my sponsors besides emoji?
A: You can create and upload a custom chat badge that all sponsors will have displayed next to their name in your livestream chat. Apart from this, the creator can set their livestream chat to be in a sponsor only mode, where only sponsored fans can chat. Fans that sponsor your channel will also not be affected by slow mode, if enabled.

Want to find out more about YouTube Sponsorships? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @ScreenwaveMedia, and check out YouTube’s Creator Blog on the reveal here.