YouTube is introducing Super Chat, an alternative method of monetizing your livestreams! With Super Chat, your viewers can “pin” their messages to the top of the chat window by paying for preferred placement for a specified duration of time for each monetary donation. On February 28th, the love/hate Fan Funding is going away. Super Chat will help to capture the same audience opening their pockets through Fan Funding without all of the issues it had in the past.


Pros of Super Chat

  • Improves YouTube streaming revenue and interactivity, making it more beneficial to stream on YouTube than just improving watchtime
  • Screenwave takes 0% of this revenue (same deal as Fan Funding)
  • Easy for viewers to use with a “$” icon embedded directly in the chat
  • Many countries will be supported at launch (Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Uganda, UK, USA, Germany).

Cons of Super Chat

  • Must have more than 1,000 subscribers to be eligible
  • Can only use with live streaming enabled (not available if you have strikes)
  • YouTube takes 30% of the revenue

Best Uses for the Feature

Super Chat will make active stream chats that are unable to be engaged become more interactive for the user. Be very verbal with your audience that donating directly contributes to making the show better. Heavily engage with the users that pay for the boost, and communicate with users to use the “Dollar Sign Button” to show their support. A nice way to thank your contributors is by using the log feature that shows all of the Super Chat contributors for the last 30 days to send personalized communications to your top fans that are monetarily supporting you.

To encourage more interaction with the new feature, you can use your pinned messages in many unique ways: to dictate what game you will play next, what song you will remix, or what character you will draw next on your streams. Using pinned messages as a voting system will help people want to bump their response to the top, encouraging larger dollar amounts for being pinned longer or for more visibility.

How to Get Started

  1. Make sure to update your banned words list so that comments that you don’t want to be pinned are not pinned.
  2. Go to, select “Enable”, under Super Chat.
  3. Sign the Commerce Product Addendum if needed. Some channels already have it signed and won’t be prompted to sign.
  4. Contact us if you have a problem enabling it or if you need help utilizing this feature in your streams.