It is no surprise that YouTube is moving toward stricter community guidelines for content that is targeting families and kids in response to inappropriate content being filtered into the YouTube Kids app and advertisers leaving the platform. There are different consequences for community vs. Ad policies, but they are both making an impact on family content on YouTube.

Some great practices in making content for families that is focused on a younger audience are:
-Tapping into positive interests of family communities
-Promoting education
-Including off screen engagements and diverse perspectives

Ad Policies vs. Terms of Service Policies
The consequences for breaking ad policies vs. terms of service policies are different, but they both can make an impact on your channel.

Content that breaks Ad Policies (Yellow Videos):
-Inappropriate use of family characters (adults dressing like Spiderman/Elsa)
-Content featuring children that could attract predators, such as medical procedures, dance shows, gymnastics, and minor nudity (children in swimsuits on a beach)

Ad Policies Consequences:
-Removing or restricting ads (age gated/yellow videos)
-Partner program channel removals
-Blocking comments (especially to protect minors)

Content that violates Community Policies (TOS):
-Content that would give children the desire to buy goods and services
-Repetitive content that lacks originality, like Content Farming (many videos with the same content with menial differences)
-Low quality or deceptive content that causes confusion or is misleading
-Content that makes kids feel unsafe or promote unsafe behavior, like pranks and unhealthy consumption of junk food or non-food substances
-Keyword stuffing, or adding video tags and titles that have nothing to do with the video or “excessive” use of key terms in metadata (titles, tags, description)

TOS Policies Consequences:

-Channel removals from platform and/or YouTube Partner Program (YPP)
-Community guidelines strikes (2 or more strikes can result in channel removal)

If you are a Screenwave partner following Ad Policies and Terms of Service guidelines, but are still having trouble with some of these negative consequences, please reach out to your channel contact.

See our Channel Removal & Demonetization post for more general channel information about the changes.