Here at Screenwave Media we’ve worked with a lot of game developers to help them realize and publish their vision with games. Over the past few years we’ve built strong relationships within the industry and have put in efforts to bring great games that are fun and accessible to gamers of all types.

Our most recent effort is Dodo Peak, a puzzle platformer that blends old school and new school design sensibilities developed by Moving Pieces. Out for Nintendo Switch on the e-shop, this engaging experience is an exciting new step for us as a games publisher. To better understand why, we’re going to take a look at what makes the game special, and how we got involved in bringing it over to the Switch.

What is Dodo Peak?

Pulling From the Classics

On the surface, Dodo Peak is an arcade puzzle platformer that blends elements of classic arcade games like Q*bert, Frogger, and a bunch of others to create a game that is both fun to play, and instantly familiar. In it you take control of the titular dodo, and as this momma bird you have to rescue your babies from all kinds of peril to escort them to safety.

What is Old is New

By looking to the past, Moving Pieces has been able to take their game into the future. The team applied modern game design philosophy to these old school systems, winding up with something fresh and exciting, with plenty to keep players coming back for more. The game is jam packed with features, including:

  • Handcrafted levels with unique layouts, goals, and enemies that take you through a variety of environments.
  • Simple controls anyone can learn, with a steadily rising challenge to keep testing your skills.
  • Unlockable content to access funny and unique new dodos with special abilities by beating levels and collecting coins.
  • Bite-sized content that makes the game easy to play on the go or in short bursts.
  • In-game leaderboards that have weekly challenges to push your abilities to the limits against other players.

Packed with additional tricks to encourage players to master the game’s systems, Dodo Peak is a timeless game that is fun for everyone.

Riding the Wave

We take games pretty seriously at Screenwave. After all we don’t just play them, we help make them! From development to publishing we’re committed to providing fun, exciting, and memorable experiences to gamers all over the world. Whether it’s the international sensation Use Your Words or the award winning Eagle Island, it has been our mission to bring you the best play possible.

Working With Nintendo

When it came to bringing Dodo Peak to switch we wanted to apply that same care and attention to our prior games to deliver the best experience possible. By working closely with Moving Pieces, we’ve been able to take what they have done with the game for the Apple Arcade, and bring it to the Nintendo Switch, bringing it to a brand new audience.

We’ve also worked hand in hand with Nintendo’s third party services to ensure the best optimization for the Switch possible, and have  pushed ourselves to live up to the great work already done by the team at Moving Pieces. This has led to a great finished product that presents the best that the developers have created.

Where to Find these Baby Birds

Dodo Peak hops onto the Nintendo Switch e-shop for $9.99. Avoid extinction by picking up your copy today and save those lost babies from the perils that await!