We protect your brand and reclaim lost revenue through our trained and YouTube Certified Rights Management specialists working with YouTube’s Content ID platform. We responsibly monitor and audit the system to ensure the validity of claims.

Protect Your Original Content

When you create original videos or audio, you get to decide who uses it, where it is used, and how it is used. You work hard and put time into making your own content, establishing your brand, and creating the success you have achieved. We are able to help you be compensated for the revenue that you are losing from other channels and creators on YouTube trying to take advantage of your original content and earned success.

Claim Ownership of Your Content

You have the right to claim any original content you create. Mashups and alterations of content are still covered by copyright, and you can claim those videos for using your original work, even if it is a remix of your track. You can also claim re-uploads of your cover songs if you perform all aspects of the song from scratch. We would love to talk to you about your options in reclaiming revenue or sharing monetization with other rights holders.

YouTube's Content ID System

Content ID is a system created by YouTube that allows rights holders to protect their rights. Screenwave Media uploads copies of the copyrighted content to Content ID and sets rules for what action is taken when that content appears in videos uploaded by other channels. YouTube constantly scans videos, starting with new and trending videos and moving to older videos for content uploaded to the system for matches.

If you have any questions about getting started on protecting your content or claims inquiries, contact copyright@screenwavemedia.com.