The community tab brings a more personalized interaction hub to your subscribers and viewers. When you use this feature, your subscribers will be able to see your posts in their feeds as they’re scrolling through YouTube. We encourage creators to take advantage of the community tab to highlight behind the scene pictures, footage, and more to get their audience more involved!

There are several ways you can utilize your community tab:

You can utilize polls to figure out what your audience wants based on their input. Community engagement can be an important factor in determining what kind of content/ideas you should be focusing on. Examples of this could include: what game you’ll live stream a certain day or what type of merch your audience would be into.

-Boost Excitement
Creators who use the community tab often hype up their upcoming videos with gifs and photos of their content before its released. Boosting audience excitement is a great way to retain views throughout your YouTube journey.

-Exclusive content
Try to post content that your audience can’t find anywhere else. This will drive them to your YouTube channel by providing a unique personal connection. Some examples of this are: posting picture of your day, adventures, and even behind the scenes footage of what’s going on with your channel.

-Fan Recognition
You can use the community tab to get in touch with your biggest fans. By having a medium to interact with your audience, you can give shoutouts to people by saying how much you appreciate their support and also answer general questions from your community.

The community tab is a great way to complement your regular upload schedule to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. This feature is typically only available to channels that qualify with at least 10,000 subscribers; however, once you unlock it, be sure to let your subscribers know through a video or on your other social platforms!